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Do You Know What You Might Have to Do to Get Your First IT Job?

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Whether you are attempting to get your first job in IT or contemplating a career change, there is new evidence that suggests the employment prospects in IT are poised to improve in the immediate future.This according to a new study recently released:
The number of job vacancies (unfilled positions) for IT professionals increased by 23% in the 3rd quarter of 2009.
The number of job applications per position has reduced by 25% between the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2009 (fewer applicants for open positions).
New job creation in IT will outpace the projected rate of worldwide employment by almost three times.
IT employment is expected to add 5.8 million new jobs by 2013, increasing from a current base of approximately 35 million.
Greatest growth in IT employment will come from areas in Central and Eastern Europe.
The IT job market is expected to return to pre-recession hiring/activity levels in 2010.
That’s the good news, but the burning question some of you might be asking is, “how do I get into IT without experience or qualifications”?I Have No QualificationsUnless you were fortunate to secure an IT position without any experience and/or with an employer that is willing to assist you with securing the necessary knowledge for the intended job role, this is where most of you begin.Whether it is training in the classroom, part of a degree at a university, certification training offered by a commercial training center or even dedicated self study effort;Get the necessary conceptual knowledge. Having the required theoretical knowledge is often a prerequisite for consideration and training and IT certifications are a credible means of demonstrating that you have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge.I Have No ExperienceLike other industries, this paradox exists in the IT industry as well. Here are some known and not-so-known strategies on how one could overcome the “no company will hire me without experience, so how do I get experience” question to allow you to;Get the necessary practical/hands-on knowledge.

Accept an IT position that is further down the” IT trough”. Simply put, but willing to be overqualified for your first IT position and start from the bottom and work your way up.

Seek employment with a small employer. Target companies that employ between 5-50 employees as they tend to have less formal hiring standards and less sophisticated requirements.

Trade your time for experience and references by volunteering. If your initial efforts to secure an IT position hasn’t paid off, offer your time and expertise to organizations in exchange for IT experience and references while you continue to look for full time employment.

Either moving where the jobs are or commuting to them. If you have applied for all the local positions, it’s time to widen your net. Be flexible with your terms on commuting and if necessary, be open to temporary relocation. If the jobs aren’t were you live, you must give consideration to going where the jobs are.

Become an IT contractor. Apply and accept any consultancy/contracting offers while you are looking for full time employment. Contract work is a win-win for anyone trying to get into IT for the first time—it not only pays, but allows you to rack up experience that will be considered for your future employer.

Start your own business. Although self employment is last option on this list, it doesn’t mean that it should be the last on yours. This might the first direction that some of you will take instead of seeking full time employment and it will allow you to gain the necessary hands-on experience required if you should decide to enter the W-2 workforce.
In the end, it only takes two things to get an IT job or anything else in life, knowledge and action—getting the knowledge is the first step, what happens next is up to you.


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Southern Champion Tray 1025 14

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Sheet cake and utility boxes come in a wide array of shapes and sizes to accommodate a variety sheet cakes and other items.  All of the boxes are made of CCK, which is a clay-coated kraft board that is free of chlorine and compostable and recyclable where facilities exist. Southern Champion Tray manufactures paperboard packaging products. The company, founded in 1927, is headquartered in Chattanooga, TN.
How do I get..

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Nanuk 915 Case with Cubed Foam (Silver)

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  • High quality polyurethane foam, the multi-layered set of customizable inserts includes a pre-scored removable layer. This layer consists of foam squares that can be removed in various configurations to accommodate the contents of the case.
  • Interior Dimensions NANUK 915 Case L 13.8 x W 9.3 x H 6.2
  • Waterproof Seal- Automatic Pressure Release Valve-100% Stainless Steel Hardware-Stackable
  • PowerClaw Latching System- Clamps the case tightly closed using compressive force while the integrated slide lock prevents the case from opening during transport or when dropped.
  • Soft Grip Foldable Handle and integrated Hardware for an Accessory Strap and Padlock (Lock and Strap Available Separately) . The handle structure is molded with NK-7 resin.

NANUK cases are designed to protect the most sensitive equipment in the harshest environments. Whether battling the scorching heat of the Sahara desert or the bone chilling cold of the arctic, every detail of NANUK has been refined and perfected to offer the utmost in protection and performance. From our high-impact NK-7 resin to our PowerClaw latches, NANUK has been engineered and manufactured to stringent military specifications to surpass the needs of the most demanding users. These virtually indestructible, lightweight, watertight cases offer the ultimate grade of protection in a variety of sizes, configurations and colors. Complimented by a large selection of optional accessories and an incredible degree of customizability, NANUK is the best choice to move your equipment in complete security. Whether transporting valuable equipment around the world or simply protecting sensitive tools in the urban jungle, NANUK is up to the challenge. NANUK comes loaded with innovative features. Countless hours of research and development went into defining the requirements for NANUK. The result is a line of cases that are equipped to meet today’s challenges. Responding to feedback from professionals in various fields, NANUK is the evolution of traditional protective cases. NANUK has also been designed to adapt as your needs change. Many features that are optional on other cases are standard on NANUK. By integrating attachment features into the case at the design stage, you can easily add a shoulder strap or a panel kit without modifying the case with holes or additional hardware. The attachment features are already there when you need them. Waterproof. Lightweight impact resistant NK-7 resin. Lifetime guarantee. PowerClaw latching system. Soft grip foldable handle with handle stay. Integrated lid stay. 100% stainless steel hardware. Padlockable. Integrated bezel system. Stackable.

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BiXPower V-Mount High Capacity (99 Wh) Battery for Professional Camcorders – V100

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  • This is a 99 Watt-hour high capacity 14.4V 6900mAh lightweight V-Mount battery for professional camcorders and other equipments.
  • Made with high quality premium Panasonic lithium ion battery cells.
  • It has a 4-level LED indicator to give the user a view of remaining power before mounting to camera.
  • Dimension: 141.50 x 85.95 x 48.50 mm (5.6″ x 3.4″ x 1.9″). Weight: 1.5 Pound
  • Works for many Sony and other professional camcorders that accept V-mount battery.

BiXPower 99 Watt-hour high capacity 14.4V 6900mAh lightweight V-Mount battery for professional camcorders and other equipments. Made with premium Panasonic lithium ion battery cells. It has a 4-level LED indicator to give the user a view of remaining power before mounting to camera.


Voltage: 14.4 V

Dimension: 141.50 x 85.95 x 48.50 mm

Color: Dark Grey

Cells :Panasonic Lithium-ion

Capacity: 6900 mAh @ 14.4V, ( or 99 Wh)

Compatible with: IDX E-50S; E-70S; E-7S; E-80S

BP-65H BP-90 BP-GL65;
BP-L40 BP-L40A BP-L60;
BP-L60A BP-L60S BP-L80S;
BP-L90 BP-L90A

Fit Camcorder Models: Professional camcorders that accept V-mount batteries, such as:

Sony Professional camcorders that accept V-mount batteries.

LDX-110 LDX-120 LDX-140


We only ship this battery within United States. No international shipping.

How do I get

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